Indicator Checklist


The indicator checklist allows companies to accomplish a first screening regarding the relevant indicators and the trend of their development. The checklist therefore provides an overview of the necessary data, which are needed for a concrete proof of the fulfilment of the sustainability criteria in SMART 5.

The checklist also helps those companies who are interested in Chemical Leasing, but have no experience and possibly reservations against the verifiability and fairness between business partners, as it provides an overview of the quality assurance of Chemical Leasing business models.

Application of the indicator checklist

The list provides an overview of the five sustainability criteria, their respective sub-criteria and lists all indicators. For each indicator, the tendency of development (e.g. reduced or increased, here without quantitative values) can be stated. A more detailed description and recommendation for the procedure can be found on the first page of the checklist.

The filled checklist allows companies to get an overview of what data is necessary for the fulfilment of all criteria and input into SMART 5, and draws attention to possible non-fulfilment of individual criteria and conflicting goals.