Chemical Leasing Conference in Switzerland

Bern, 29 October 2019 - The Swiss Environment Agency (BAFU) was hosting the Conference on Chemical Leasing, inviting experts and practitioners from different countries to give a speech on the performance-based business model and to share their experience with representatives from industry and industrial associations. Such companies as Brenntag, Ecolab, Safechem were among the guests. 

Presentations attached:

1) Presentation of Petra Schwager, UNIDO Chemical Leasing programme coordinator. She introduced different challenges that the world and the chemical industry are facing today, including the political context, and described core elements of the Chemical Leasing business model (in German). 

2) Presentation of Reinhard Joas, UNIDO Chemical Leasing consultant. He explained “Dos” and “Don´ts” of the Chemical Leasing application and provided general guidance to those suppliers and users of chemicals that intend to implement Chemical Leasing (in German). 

3) Presentation of Thomas Jakl, Department head, the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism of Austria. He addressed the EU political context, highlighted linkages between Chemical Leasing and REACH, presented the potential of the business model in Austria, and announced the Global Chemical Leasing Award 2020 (in German).  

The brief information on the Conference programme is also attached.