Chemical Leasing at the OECD Joint Meeting


Paris, 6 February 2020 - UNIDO experts were invited to the 60th OECD Joint Meeting of the Chemicals Committee to give a presentation on the Chemical Leasing. 

Petra Schwager, the UNIDO global coordinator of the Chemical Leasing programme, and the international UNIDO experts, Reinhard Joas and Vojislavka Satric, shared experiences in implementing and promoting the Chemical Leasing performance-based business model on a global scale. They addressed business as well as policy aspects of the performance-based business model, and encouraged OECD countries to support this initiative. 

The structure of the presentation: 

  • Key ideas and benefits of the Chemical Leasing business model 
  • Practical examples from the industry
  • The UNIDO initiative to support the promotion and the implementation of the model on a global scale
  • The Global Chemical Leasing Award and the Chemical Leasing Joint Declaration

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