Circular-Economy conference in Slovenia

LJUBLJANA, 8 May 2018 - In partnership with the European Commission, UNIDO and the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology brought together more than 60 senior participants from governments, institutions and enterprises, as well as leading circular economy experts to discuss opportunities and challenges for the transition to a circular economy in tourism.

The conference emphasized the importance of applying the principles of a circular economy to the tourism sector in South-East Europe, and the need to support policy dialogue and capacity-building, including by facilitating the development of pilot projects on circular economy, as well as by fostering networking and establishing regional partnerships.

The UNIDO press release

In the framework of the conference, Vojislavka Satric,  provided a very substantive presentation "Product-Service System – Business Strategy for the Circular Economy"  based on the profound experience in the application of Chemical Leasing to the tourism sector.  

The Presentation on Chemical Leasing