IOMC Toolbox for decision-making in chemicals management

Happy to present you the results of intensive collaborative work of different UN agencies - the IOMC (The Inter-Organization Programme for Sound Chemicals Management) Toolbox, that is a unique collection of the best available techniques, practices, guidance documents and tools for decision-making in chemicals management,  

The IOMC Toolbox is a problem-solving tool that enables countries to identify the most appropriate and efficient national actions to address specific national problems related to chemicals management. 

The toolbox includes the following toolkits:

And it covers the following management schemes: 

  • Chemical Accident Prevention, Preparedness and Response
  • Industrial Chemicals Management Scheme 
  • National Management Scheme for Pesticides
  • Public Health Management of Chemicals 
  • Classification and Labelling System Scheme  
  • National management scheme for PRTRs 
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Scheme for Chemicals
  • Best Available Techniques

The IOMC Toolbox has been recently redesigned to provide easier and more direct access to available materials.