Jury meeting of the Global Chemical Leasing Award

27 April 2021 - Ten international experts in sound chemical management and Chemical Leasing, appointed by UNIDO and donors of the global award, took decisions on winners in three main award categories and special award nominations. The jury members reviewed 92 applications received from 21 countries. In this award, we have various case studies from different industry sectors that demonstrate huge savings achieved thanks to the performance-based business model and other benefits for the business, environment and society in general. It was a many-hour discussion since most applications were of high quality, and the decision was not easy. The organizers hope that the Award results and its best practices in performance-based business models will become sources of inspiration for the international industry, research and academic community. 

The finalists will be officially announced to the publicity in May, and the winners - at the award ceremony in September. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, UNIDO is currently discussing the ceremony format and will inform of the exact dates and details later.