Ladies go first! Empowerment of Women

Lima, 20 November 2019 - The World Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FCEM) organized a congress on fostering women’s economic empowerment and the circular economy. The discussions illustrated the important role of women in society and business, addressing such topics as the current challenges for women and sharing valuable experiences and ideas on overcoming difficulties and benefitting from the opportunities created by circular-economy thinking.

During the event, UNIDO signed a joint declaration with FCEM. UNIDO Senior Manager Petra Schwager compared the traditional and circular economy business models. She presented an example of the performance-based model for sustainable chemical management called Chemical Leasing. Many female consultants worldwide, such as Vojislavka Satric from Serbia mentioned in Ms. Schwager’s presentation, promote and help implement this business approach in industry. Their active position, soft communication skills and service-orientation help professionals who work in different sectors of the industry change the way they operate with, and think about, chemicals. With their support, companies become more sustainable and more motivated to follow the path towards circular-economy goals.

Her entire presentation is attached (in Spanish!).