New article in the Renewable Matters

In her interview, Irma Milanese (Renewable Matters magazine)  poses important questions about the business model to UNIDO experts (Vojislavka Satric and Maria Grineva): 

How can different companies mutually benefit from each other’s success? Why is paying for the performance of the chemical better than paying for the chemical itself? And how can the Chemical Leasing model enhance production by reducing the amount of chemicals? 

From the article: 

Being part of the Chemical Leasing model means reciprocal trust. Companies must mutually trust each other and support choral work, as the economic partnership generally lasts years. To exploit Chemical Leasing at the maximum of its potentiality, UNIDO has developed a methodology for companies to follow. Briefly, the methodology pints out a series of steps highly recommended, such as company process, chemicals and costs analysis. Moreover, the company should set its priorities and select the most suitable processes and chemicals for the model’s implementation. Clearly, both user and supplier have to arrange and agree on the unit of payment, which has to be measured, recorded and demonstrated. As Vojislavka Satric underlines, “the methodology is crucial. Any approach that is not systematic leads to unpredictable results and costs”. And, according to the many successful examples of Chemical Leasing application, that sentence could not be more true.

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