Online webinar on Chemical Leasing


7 May 2020 - UNIDO organized another ONLINE FREE webinar devoted to the performance-based business model for sustainable chemical management.

This webinar was prepared to train consultants, companies and students on the implementation of the business model (based on real examples), sustainability criteria and requirements. Participants could gain a better understanding of Chemical Leasing principles and develop skills for introducing and applying Chemical Leasing in practice. At the end of the webinar, the Global Chemical Leasing Award was presented and some questions were addressed. 

Just a bit of statistics:

  • 6 Presenters
  • 117 participants (53% Men, 47% women) from 30 countries
  • 26 questions received on different aspects of the model

Soon we are going to organize a special session to respond to questions received! Don't miss it! Follow us on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter). 

DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAMME (version 06.05.20)

  • Participants can request a UNIDO certificate of attendance. 

For more information and registration, please contact: