UNIDO presents its Chemical Leasing Activity Report 2019

UNIDO is promoting the Chemical Leasing business model with the direct support of the Austrian, German and Swiss Governments. In 2019, the Chemical Leasing activities focused on promotion, capacity building and the preparation for the Global Chemical Leasing Award 2020.

UNIDO’s Global Chemical Leasing Programme is fully in line with UNIDO’s mandate to promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization at the global level and contributes to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 9 and all the other goals adopted by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Programme is UNIDO’s response to the “unsustainable management of chemicals in industries and lack of cooperation among chemicals producers and users.”

This report presents key activities performed by UNIDO in 2019 and covers the following outputs: 

Output 1.1 - Platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing established

Output 1.2 - Awareness Raising and Information Dissemination

Output 1.3 - New Project Portfolio on Chemical Leasing 4.0 developed