Webinar in November

Webinar: Chemical Leasing - a performance-based model for sustainable chemical management. 

Chemical Leasing is a business solution for sustainable chemicals management and effectively addresses the different sustainability dimensions of chemical use. The model strives for a triple win situation for the partners involved, as well as for the environment. It aims at simultaneously creating financial, environmental and human well-being, as well as increasing the efficient use of chemicals improving the overall performance of participating companies.

This online session is specially tailored to inform on the key aspects, requirements and benefits of the performance-based business model, Chemical Leasing, as well as to showcase the upcoming award. The participants will be provided with an understanding of Chemical Leasing principles and practices in daily business, Chemical Leasing implementation and case studies. Furthermore, the participants will be informed about opportunities and categories of the Global Chemical Leasing Award 2021.

When: Thursday 12, November 2020, at 14:·30 (CEST). Duration: 1h 15 min.

Download the program and CVs of speakers. 

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Video of the webinar