Online webinars

UNIDO and its international partners organise online seminars and webinars devoted to Chemical Leasing. They are tailored for different target groups (e.g. consultants, companies, National Cleaner Production Centres, and academia) and addressing various topics: the Chemical Leasing business model description (benefits, roles of partners, etc.); the development and implementation of a real case, presentation of the global award, and others. They aim to create a better understanding of Chemical Leasing principles and develop skills for introducing and applying Chemical Leasing in practice.



  • 26 June 2020 and 3 July 2020: Live and free webinar for the Latin American region (in Spanish). Registration is open.
  • 29 June 2020: Live webinar on Chemical Leasing for the Arab region, organized in the cooperation with the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan (in Arabic). Registration:


FORMER WEBINARS, Information and Materials: 

  • Regional online meeting, organized by the National Cleaner Production Centre of Uganda, on 10 June 2020. Info is here.