Who can apply?

Organisations, companies, research institutions and individuals are encouraged to apply.

The case study nomination is offered to users and suppliers of chemicals who implement/implemented the Chemical Leasing (or a model which corresponds to the definition of Chemical Leasing) on a plant level. The “Users” are companies that use chemicals in their processes. The “Supplier” can be a manufacturer of chemicals and/or a distributor/trader of chemicals. Prizes in this category will be awarded for users and suppliers of chemicals separately.

The innovation nomination is open to companies and organizations as well as to start-ups, and individuals who e.g. implemented business plans. An applicant should present a case study with technical solutions that have the (already demonstrated) potential to define a new state of the art for a particular use of chemicals.

The research nomination is open to researchers and scientists, but also to R&D departments of companies and individual inventors (e.g. patent owners). The topics of research and development activities can be different, but there should be a clear link with Chemical Leasing.