Why apply?

Here are some reasons to apply for the award: 

  • Recognition from the international community. The award gives companies, researchers, academicians, and creative individuals an excellent opportunity to present themselves and what they stand for to a wider audience.
  • PR. Best practices will be picked up by media and social networks, inspiring more companies and individuals to adopt innovative solutions.
  • The Award provides a platform for knowledge exchange and discussion on topics related to performance-based business models and sustainable chemical management
  • Presentation of creative ideas, best practices and innovative solutions to reduce environmental impact, boost profits and create social benefits.
  • Participating at the award is a chance to be evaluated by the international jury, including UNIDO. It will help to convince customers, partners and public society of your trustworthiness. 
  • Self-assessment. Application provides a great opportunity to assess your own organization/target processes and to prepare an action plan for further improvement of the organizational performance.
  • Monetary prize for award winners (5000 $ and covering flight tickets for Gold, Silver and Bronze). 

The Award results will be announced on the websites and in the social media of UNIDO, co-organizers and supporters. Winning case studies, innovations and research work, as well as interviews with winners, will be presented on the www.chemicalleasing.org website.

Learn more about the award application process