Why apply?

Here are some reasons to apply for the award: 

  • Monetary prize for award winners (5000 $ and covering flight tickets for Gold, Silver and Bronze). 
  • Recognition from the international community. The award gives companies, researchers, academicians, and creative individuals an excellent opportunity to present themselves and what they stand for to a wider audience.
  • Green PR. Best practices will be picked up by media and social networks, inspiring more companies and individuals to adopt innovative solutions.
  • The award provides a platform for knowledge exchange and discussion on topics related to innovative business models and sustainable chemical management. 
  • Presentation of creative ideas, best practices and innovative solutions to reduce environmental impact, boost profits and create social benefits.
  • Participating at the award is a chance to be evaluated by the international jury, including UNIDO. It will help to convince customers, partners and public society of your trustworthiness. 
  • Self-assessment. Application provides a great opportunity to assess your own organization/target processes and to prepare an action plan for further improvement of the organizational performance.
  • The research submitted for the award that produces the most significant scientific findings may be given the opportunity of publication (with the authors' permission) in the journal Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy.


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